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As a dietary supplement, Coconut oil is a good addition to physical activity, exercise and weight loss programs.Using coconut oil for skin is an all-natural way to eliminate many of the toxic ingredients that are found on drugstore shelves.When you choose Organic, you know the coconuts were not treated with harmful chemicals.

In fact, research suggests that virgin coconut oil even works in the same way that commercial eye drops and saline solutions do.The coconuts used are non-GMO and the oil does not contain any solvents making it virgin oil.

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Nutiva offers the best Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Protein, Hemp Seed Oil and Chia Seed.For Cooking: Use in place of butter, margarine, shortening or other cooking oils for baking or frying in temperatures up to 350 degrees F.

Coconut Oil Pulling — To improve the health of your teeth and gums, oil pulling with coconut oil, is the way to go.EXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC COCONUT OIL Coconut oil is a natural energy source because it contains MCTs (medium chain) good fats the body uses to produce energy.

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The more foods are processed, the less the health value they offer.

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Nutritional Profile of Coconut Oil Part of the reason coconut oil is such a powerhouse superfood is its unique nutritional profile.

Although it is a 90% saturated fat, organic coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that can improve your health in many ways.While coconut oil is high in saturated fats, those fats contain medium chain triglycerides which convert quickly into.

You can find this on the shelves of most all natural foods stores or purchase...

Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce

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In Ayurvedic medicine practice, oil pulling is used to detoxify the mouth, remove plaque and bad breath, fight bacteria, reduce tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis), and boost the immune system.It is is rich in medium chain fatty acids that provide a natural energy boost far superior to a caffeine or sugar.

How virgin coconut oil is processed is the key to optimizing its taste, texture, color, and aroma.

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