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They both take a standard socket for traditional bulbs which would be E26 in the U.S., but are.

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Both sizes are available in either a full spectrum option, tunable to both white and color hues, and a white spectrum option, tunable to variations of white hues.Deals on Philips, Leviton, ilumi, Floral Lights, TCP, Sylvania, Goeswell, and more.

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It can wake you up in the morning by simulation sunrise or even suggest ways to enhance your atmosphere by changing the lighting.Meet the ilumi: a smart light bulb you can control with your smartphone.It provides the beautiful light and performance you expect from the LED technology at an.

Ilumi is a series of intelligent and tunable LED lightbulbs that you can control wirelessly from your mobile device.Upgrade your life at home with ilumi Bluetooth LED Smart Lightbulbs.

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Some use WiFi, some work with Bluetooth, and some light up through the power of Z-Wave.

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In the connected home space, lighting has become rather dull.

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Several stores and commercial buildings in my area refitted all their lights to LED bulbs and they give off a much brighter, yet softer light than the fluorescent bulbs they replaced.

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Just screw in an ilumi Smartbulb like a regular bulb and download the free ilumi.

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Light Bulbs The color-changing iLumi smart LED heads back to Kickstarter.Avea Smart Light Bulb The Ilumi and Avea bulbs are limited to a Bluetooth range of about 20-35 feet.The Ilumi and Avea bulbs connect directly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Ilumi offers complete flexibility and control over household lighting without the installation of a router, Wi-Fi, or hub.About Us. iLumigreen is a proud distributor of top-quality LED lighting products, with a mission to bring merchandise featuring only the most unique benefits and highest performance standards to our clients.Go to and grab instant discount on your order with this code.Each colored LED on the ilumi Smartstrip is addressable, creating beautiful moving color effects that chase and glow to make your walls come alive.

Some acid trip mood lighting to complement your acid trip pillow.I received the Ilumi A19 Color LED Smartbulb as well as the BR30 Outdoor Flood Color Smart LED bulb.The ilumi smart light bulb is a Bluetooth-compatible bulb that can be controlled via an app.

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The iLumi light bulb series is offered in four versions: a larger 100 watt replacement bulb and a smaller 60 watt replacement bulb.Trim your ilumi Smartstrip to fit perfectly behind your TV for a beautiful ambient glow or add ilumi Smartstrip Extensions to expand to 10 meters (33 feet) and cover your whole home.

At you can purchase at least 17 different Smart Bulbs from brands like Sylvania, Sengled and ilumi.Its light bulbs are controlled wirelessly by mobile applications.

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Through the app, you can adjust the color and brightness of your lighting or explore one of the many amazing built-in programs to experience lighting like never.

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They deliver huge energy savings and minimize maintenance costs.

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